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Weekly update - 30 October 2020


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We got hit by hurricane/tropical storm Zeta overnight Wednesday and it took down the power lines in our neighborhood, and in many places in Atlanta. We aren’t supposed to get the electricity back till Monday, though I’m hoping they might surprise us and have it back sooner. But I’m basically offline other than my cell phone, charged in the car. I work off a desktop computer (iMac) so not able to do any kind of computer work until the electricity is back. As a result, I don’t have any updates for you this week. Though I was making great progress on the ProcessWire modules directory site up until the storm came through and we lost electricity. For now my job is to keep the flashlights working and find ways to keep what’s left of the food from going bad (since the fridge/freezer is also offline). 

The same thing happened with hurricane Irma, back in ProcessWire 3.0.75. It took out the power for several days. Though we weren’t in the middle of a covid hotspot back then. The deal is that Atlanta has a lot of big old trees, and all the power lines are above ground. So any time a significant storm rolls through, it knocks down a tree, the tree knocks down a power line, and the power goes out. Atlanta is pretty big, so multiply that by a few hundred trees and power lines (and a pandemic), and much of the city is out for awhile. Even a little storm sometimes knocks out the power for a few hours. That’s just one of the joys of where I live. I’m sorry about that, but since we’re supposed to be back online by Monday, I expect to have good updates for you next week. Thanks for reading and have a great weekend! 

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