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Pagination breaks with my unusual setup

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Following a few guides on removing parent urls, and multilingual site setups, I have create multiple homepages for my website. For the parent language however, I've removed the parent name from the URL using the following in ready.php (mashed together from some other threads - on a side note please let me know if this is a terrible approach)

wire()->addHookBefore('Page::path', function($event) {
    $page = $event->object;
    if($page->rootParent(1057)) {
        $event->replace = true;
        $parents = "/";
        foreach($page->parents() as $parent) {
            if($parent->id != 1 && $parent->id != 1057) {
                $parents .= "$parent->name/";
        $event->return = $parents.$page->name."/";

There's more to it than this, but I think this is the relevant part. And it's working great everywhere, except when it comes to rendering pagination [edit: within a repeater matrix, I should mention], for which my URLs are doubling up when they render, like so:


Any ideas how I can prevent this would be greatly appreciated.

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Do you use MarkupPagerNav module? 

If so, there is 'baseUrl' property where probably you should pass your modified page URL

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Hey thanks for the idea, weirdly I set the baseUrl to a blank string, and that fixed it. I can't say I'm satisfied with understanding where things went wrong, but at least I can move forward for now!

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