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How to count products in categories if the product-pages are not in the category tree?


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Hello, i must count products per category like so:

category 1 (4 products)
--category 1.1 (2 products)
----category 1.1.1 (1 product)

and so on.

category 1
--category 1.1
----category 1.1.1
----category 1.1.2
----category 1.1.3

--category 1.2
----category 1.2.1
----category 1.2.2
----category 1.2.3

produkts have page references for the categories:

product 1
-- page reference->category 1.1.1
-- page reference->category 1.1.3
-- page reference->category 1.2.2
-- page reference->category 1.2.3

what is the best way to do this, i have many categories and many many products.
Thank you.


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1 hour ago, Matzn said:


use $pages->count https://processwire.com/api/ref/pages/count/ 

for each category like:

$cnt = $pages->count('parent=yourCategory,id=yourProductId');


yes, i know count, so far i have this result, but only for level 3 of the categories:

//categories level3


foreach ($kategorienId as $id){
    $count=$pages->count("template=produkt, pro_kategorie=$id");
$kategorienId->data('count', $produktCount);


and this is the ugly function getCategoryLevel3:

function getCategoryLevel3($page){
    if ($page->children!=''){
        foreach($children as $children2){    
                foreach($children2->children as $children3){
                        foreach($children3->children as $child3){
                            //level3 add id    
    return $id;

there is a better way to do this?
I also need the number of products for level2 and level1.

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Your function returns only category 3. To get all pages (categories) in you category tree you can

$kategorien = $page->find();


$kategorien = $page->descendants();

After count your products for each category

foreach ($kategorien as $kategorie){

    $count = $pages->count("template=produkt, pro_kategorie={$kategorie->id}");

	echo $count . " Produkte in Kategorie " . $kategorie->title;


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The page reference field (pro_kategorie) have only the level 3 category.
Here i can count the products, but then i have to go up to  level 2  and
add all products in all level 3 categories to the count of level 2.

Sorry if that was not clear.

 I have to search the categories from bottom to top like this
this doesn't make things easy in processwire, or did I miss something?

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Thanks for your feedback.

I ended up doing this:
For each product I store the parend category for each category in the page reference field. This way I can easy count all products in the parent category.

$this->addHookBefore('Pages::saved', function(HookEvent $event) {
$pages = $event->object;
$page = $event->arguments(0);

	if($page->template == 'produkt') {
		//remove parent kategorie
		foreach($page->pro_kategorie_parent as $item) {
		foreach($page->pro_raeume_parent as $item) {
		//add parent kategorie
		if ($page->pro_kategorie){
			foreach($page->pro_kategorie as $item) {
			$page->setAndSave(pro_kategorie_parent, $cat_parent);
		if ($page->pro_raeume){
			foreach($page->pro_raeume as $item) {
			$page->setAndSave(pro_raeume_parent, $raum_parent);


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