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[SOLVED] Exclude a page from pagearray, before applying limit


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I'm trying to create a list of related pages to display on the current page.

First, I'm setting a variable with the first element of the "topics" page reference field, like so:

$topic1 = page()->if('topics', function() {
    return page()->topics->first();
}, false);

Then, I want to check all the sibling pages and gather those who have the same topic. This code works, but the result will include the current page in the results.

$related_articles =
        ? page()->rootParent()->children("topics=$topic1, sort=-datePublished, limit=3")
        : new PageArray();

I can remove the current page by appending the remove method…

page()->rootParent()->children("topics=$topic1, sort=-datePublished, limit=3")->remove(page())

…but that sometimes results in the list producing fewer results than the limit, even when there are more pages tagged with the same topic beyond the "limit" offset.

What I'd like to do is exclude the current page first, and then set the limit.

Thanks in advance for any guidance you can offer!

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