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Usermanagement Pro Module


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I've sites with hundreds/thousand users which need to be setup easily and administered frequently & fast (live event site).
All doable but would be great as paid, maintained pro module out of the box with a suitable gui.

- Import / Export users CSV/Excel(!)
- configurable actions like send different e-mails (templates), batch assign field values, ...
- better, more efficient list view. lister is nice but rather hard to use for many values / entries.
- API options for Mailchimp transactional API, ...
- Adds Token/Forced PW change to Login-Register-Pro


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Just recently @ryan presented a little module for making batch user role assignment with lister easier. You can already batch send emails to users from lister. I am not sure we can expect such a module to be developed quickly, so would suggest adding functionality to lister with action modules. But you can probably hire Ryan to build this module (or some of its parts) if that is affordable.

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The "Create Users Batcher" and "User Roles Permission Batcher" actions for the Admin Actions may also be useful here.

@kater - regarding forcing password change - I still don't know why my module didn't work for you - from my testing with LoginRegisterPro, it is working for me, but you didn't get to me regarding my followup.


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Sorry for coming back so late.

Yes, I'm using most of these modules already and they are all great and useful but built for a purpose. Importing/managing many users or building a registration process (pro forms) is just no easy or fast task in PW.
Not even considering Mrs. Welcomedesk to handle this ... ;)
An All-In-One Registration/Management solution, well maintained with as little dependencies as possible .. i think, would add very nicely to the pro module stack.

I did not figure it out yet too. It certainly is rooted in some problem with the site logic itself which does some redirection stuff. I will try it on a new installation and come back.
Thanks so far. Really appreciate your help.

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