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[SOVLED]Padloper how do i add quanitity when ordering a product

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So what i am looking for is when you order a product you can type in how many quanitys you want to add to your basket so far i have it like this

        if ($page->variations->count) {
            $content .= "<form method='post' class='padloper-cart-add-product' action='" . $config->urls->root . "padloper/add/'>";
            foreach ($page->variations as $p) {
              $content .= "<input type='radio' name='product_id' value='{$p->id}'>" . $p->color->title . " " . $p->size->title . "</input><br />";
            $content .= "<input type='submit' name='pad_submit' value='" . __("Add to cart") . "' /></form>";
          } else {
            $content .= $modules->get("PadRender")->addToCart();
          echo $content;

but i am not sure how do i tell padloper's API to usee that inputed number to add correlating quanities simply adding <input type='number' name='quantity' min='1'> didnt worked


EDIT: nevermind i just had to edit name="quantity" as name='qty'

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