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Comments Notification Unsub or Approve not working

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For comments you can enable an admin notification email. That works for me. What's not working are the actions, that come with the email. Namely Approve a comment or Disable Notifications.

I have a fresh install of 3.0.165.

The unsub link parameter looks ok like: ?comment_success=unsub&subcode=3c1Kl3U8vleTFQ4pjpC_sIwLrqqK9VAUsspaaLlD
The approval link looks like: ?field=comments&page_id=1597&code=msmoOqZ5cQhmmarWOzCIjSx1C3ICY8HUDVDaR29VlrnelCJeypmGzOG26nM7FJ_9VfqnTqbEORol4dmjjnHcLD9zT4HoQThVokY4N6ST5K2SDm_TpmyY8uZFR_zcsFxC&comment_success=approve

The problem is none of the actions work for me. There is no error anywhere in the logs though, so I'm blind. Does anyone have any insight on this?


It seems like I only can change the comment notification directly in the database now. 

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The problem seems to occur only with the UIKit install profile. When I include the form with the normal 

<?php echo $page->comments->renderAll(); ?>

it works. The comment section with echo ukComments($comments); and echo ukCommentForm($comments); have the problem.

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The problem was that the function renderCheckActions() was not triggered by the ukComments function. I put in following solution and it works for me:

$commentList = new Commentlist($comments);
$out = $commentList->renderCheckActions();


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