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What to do when you see an ERROR 500 after trying to login with 2FA (2 Factor Authentification)


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Just a searchable note here in case s.o. else runs into the same problem 🙂

You suddenly cannot log in any more with TFA/2FA (Two Factor Authentification)?
After the step two (inserting the 2FA code) the server responds with an ERROR 500?
There is no corresponding entry in the server logs?

Check this:

Open your site files with FTP, go to /site/assets/logs/ and look into the file exceptions.txt

If you find an entry there, like so:
... Invalid base32 string (in /site/modules/TfaTotp/TwoFactorAuth/lib/TwoFactorAuth.php line 190)
This indicates that the 2FA code got messed up.

Two ways to fix this:

  1. Via FTP, move TfaTotp out of /modules/
  2. Login and go to User/Profile
  3. While the login session is active, via FTP, move TfaTotp back to /modules/
  4. Disable TfaTotp - and then save your profile page
  5. Re-enable TfaTotp - and then save your profile page again.

…or (tip from @adrianj):

  1. Create a new superuser via the API and
  2. login via that and then
  3. disable and re-enable 2FA for the affected user via Access > Users.


More in depth info from @ryan at Github: 2FA login error 500.

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