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Module for Recurring Payments / Subscriptions


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Did anybody here developed a ProcessWire Site with Recurring Payments / Subscriptions?

I have an idea for an B2B service where companies can register themselves and if they have an active subscription they can access some specific content. They can also cancel the subscription every month.

I looked and SnipWire/FormBuilder but found nothing about Recurring Payments.

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I have experiences with connecting to various payment gateways and done that with custom developments (modules).
Here is important that the payment gateway returns the result of the transaction to a specific url (PW side) where you can do what you need (e.g. write desired values in member page).
Also, if necessary, you can create additional cron job/scheduled task procedures for automation (e.g. member notification...).
In this particular case (member subscription), you can use "expiration date" field on the member page and check that on the front (allowed/permitted to ...).

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On 9/20/2020 at 2:39 PM, markus_blue_tomato said:

I looked and SnipWire/FormBuilder but found nothing about Recurring Payments.

I remember Snipcart does have recurring payments but not on their latest API 😞

My first idea would be to look into the actual payment gateway provider, in my case my first option is Stripe which I've used their Checkout API and it's pretty straighforward, very well documented and saves a lot of development time by basically letting stripe do a lot of the heavy lifting including the actual subscription management. But I haven't actually done a subscription site! So this is all wishful thinking haha.


EDIT: Just realized this is a very old topic 🙃

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I have a membership site with recurring payments. It uses GoCardless (direct debits) - not sure what their coverage is for Austria. The API is excellent. It is cheaper than credit cards and arguably more secure. The way I do it is for the member to authorise a mandate. My site then collects on the due dates using that mandate, so this is technically a series of one-off payments, but I think you can also set it up so that GoCardless will charge automatically on a recurring basis. 

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