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Weekly update – 18 September 2020


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This week the core version remains at 3.0.166, but 3.0.167 should be ready by next week. The main reason I'm not bumping the version is just because a couple additional updates I want to get in 3.0.167 are started by not yet fully finished. Below is a look at what's been committed to the dev branch this week so far:

  • Added custom Page class support for the Language class by implementing your own LanguagePage class that extends it (i.e. /site/classes/LanguagePage.php).
  • Added a PR from MoritzLost with improvements to the CURL support in the WireHttp class.
  • Added a new method to the Fieldtype interface named getMatchQuerySort() this method lets a Fieldtype module optionally manage the query when a $pages->find() requests a sort by a field/subfield handled by the Fieldtype. 
  • The first implementation of the getMatchQuerySort() method was added for FieldtypeOptions, which now lets you sort by option values or titles, despite those values and labels being in a separate table that the rest of ProcessWire doesn’t know about.
  • Added a new getAfterLoginUrl() method to the Process module interface which lets Process modules optionally sanitize and validate request URLs to the module for a non-logged-in user. The resulting URL can be automatically redirected to once the user has logged-in. While the method has been added and implemented in several core Process modules, it is not yet used by the core after login—that will come next week in 3.0.167. Previously the only aspect of an admin URL that could survive login was an “id” integer in the query string. 
  • This week there were also several optimizations and improvements made to the PageFinder class and resolutions to 4 issue reports. 

Thanks for reading, have a great weekend! 

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