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Can't access last url segment

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I'm trying to get the last url segment with the new API and when I try to access the last segment I get the one second to last.

For example in the url: https://domain.com/page/seg1/seg2/seg3/seg4/

$input->urlSegment(-1) and $input->urlSegmentLast return "seg3"
$input->urlSegment(-2) returns "seg2" 
$input->urlSegment(-3) returns "seg1" 

as expected:
$input->urlSegment(1) returns "seg1" 
$input->urlSegment(4) returns "seg4"

I tried the following
$input->urlSegment(0) returns "seg1" 
$input->urlSegment(-0) returns "seg1" 

What's going wrong here? I'm using ProcessWire: 3.0.165


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2 hours ago, salmiak said:

What's going wrong here?

It's a bug - please open an issue on GitHub to bring it to Ryan's attention. The URL segments array has a 1-based index but this is lost to a 0-based index when the array is reversed here: https://github.com/processwire/processwire/blob/ee4c46a442f09cf81f9e1800c5fdfcd1176f538a/wire/core/WireInput.php#L576

As a workaround for now you could do this:

$segments = $input->urlSegments;
$last_segment = end($segments);


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