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PW blocking a site scan ?

Peter Knight

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Can anyone tell me which .htaccess directive might be blocking a site import feature from scanning my public_html folder and listing all files and folders.

These would be both PW files/folders but also some non PW folders which my PW site references for media.

Latest .htaccess file on Github

I can see various options from Section 15 onwards (# 15. Access Restrictions (v301)) but nothing that would block both SSH and FTP scans my VPS site import file uses.

When I point the same site import tool at a non PW site on the same directory it works.

I could disable htaccess temporarily but it's a busy and active site.





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SSH and FTP won't be affected by .htaccess, as it's only the web server (Apache, usually) that processes the directives in that file.

If it's failing, it could be due to the import tool trying to validate the web-accessible presence of the files it sees via SSH/FTP by making a typical web request (that is handled by Apache) - and it's those requests that PW could be blocking.

Another reason could be if the directories it isn't finding is done by some sort of symlink, or there are some permission issues preventing it from working.

Without any detailed logs or knowledge of the import tool, I can't suggest anything other than that! ? 

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