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Peter Falkenberg Brown

Using MarkupPagerNav::setPageNum() to start pagination at specific page number

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Hi Folks,

I am stuck, after scouring the API docs, module code, and forum questions.

I'm trying to write code that upon the initial pressing of a search button will set the page number to something other than 1.

For example, the query might return 50 pages, but I want to start by showing page 7, with the pagination boxes appearing on both sides of the highlighted box 7.

Here's my code (setPageNum will only be used if it's an initial search button press (which I'll check with a hidden form field)).

      $results = $pages->find("$select_limit");

      $pager = $modules->get('MarkupPagerNav');


      $pagination = $pager->render($results);

The returned pagination all looks good EXCEPT that it always starts at page 1 instead of page 7, like this:


Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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// ...
$results->setStart(6); // index = 7 - 1
$pagination = $pager->render($results);


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