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Don't know how to increase the font size of my website's content, and also how to automatically format links color.

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Hi guys, I need some info on how to go about these:

1. I'd like to increase the font size of the texts on my website for better legibility especially on mobile devices where the texts appear way too small.

2. I want every link I add on the website to be automatically formatted to a specific color (cyan).

3. I want to add a logo to the header of the website.

4. There is this text that appears on the header of the website from an installation of Google Analytics tracking code that I will like to remove without removing Google Analytics code itself. You can take a look at the website here.

5. How do I change the favicon of the website?


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Hello @Ralph,

1. The developer tools (Inspect Element in FF) shows the font size set in your main.css file on line 1760 for screens wider than 768px. You will need to search for other media queries to set the font size for other screen sizes. See here for more information.

2. The developer tools shows your link definition in main.css on line 1107. See this reference for more information about styling links.

3. You will need to edit your "<div id="header-wrapper">" to include whatever logo image you wish. You will most like likely need to add css styles to make the logo appear as you wish.

4. The text "', 'auto'); ; ga('send', 'pageview');" appears to a remnant from a previous copy/paste. The developer tools shows this text immediately after the <body> tag. You can edit the template where the body tag is located and delete this extraneous text.

5. A google search for changing your site's favicon will give you sufficient results to accomplish this task.

Hope this helps.

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Hello @rick

I tried everything you advised, and I was able to fix most of the things I wanted to fix, but I couldn't remove the ' 'auto'); ; ga('send', 'pageview');'  text that is on the header. The analytics code was installed in the blog-head.php file, but it isn't even in the body tag; it is in the head.

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This is appearing on your website because, for some reason, there is no starting 


tag for the last remnant of your Google Tag or Google Analytics code.  It shows as the following:

</script>', 'auto');	;	ga('send', 'pageview');</script>

Please check your templates for the remnant code that is showing up and remove it. 

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