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Website example with 50.000 pages


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There are always discussions how PW handles heavy sites.

I redesign our webpage www.kentvitrini.com (Turkish City Portal -> News, events, directy etc)

This page has now 49.500 news entries. 

On the left you see a list of states. If you click on any state then you see list of cities on the left . The numbers are the news count under each state or city.

State and City names are UrlSegments in the url. In real it is whole running on the Home page but gets filtered by UrlSegment1 = State and UrlSegment2 = City.

The news are pulled from a turkish news agency's RSS every 30 minutes with Cronjob. So the news list increases 1000-2500 news every day.


This is not the final design and functionality. I put the site online to get Google indexes the pages.

I am still working on the site. There will be a Company Directory, Events system and a ads system etc.


I wanted to only shere to show you the performance of a website with 50.000 pages running on PW .
Please note that i get 94% PageSpeed Score on Gmetrix without Google ads. So theese ads are slowing down the website. With ads i get only around 70% Score.


P.S: This is not a Showcase post yet. so did not post it to the Showcase section. When it is totaly ready then i will share it there again.

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