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[SOLVED] Pages get created as untitled


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Annoying small problem; when I create pages for a certain type/template, they initially get created with the slug /untitled and empty title and name fields on the next page. I have to enter the title and slug again to create the page.

Has anyone seen that before? Why does it happen and how can I fix it?

Same issue reported here, with no solution.

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Thanks for response Pip. The template's name is 'event' and I just create the usual way via admin, Add New etc. 

It's probably something dumb in my particular templates. I may have old code/configuration somewhere that does something with the slug creation. Can't find where.


Nevermind. I found it. In the parent template 'events' under Family there was a 'name format for children' defined. Also 'allowed template(s) for children' was not set - weird that page creation was possible at all...

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found problem
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