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New blog: What’s new in PW 3.0.164?


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This week we’re proud to announce the newest ProcessWire master version 3.0.164. Relative to the previous master version (3.0.148) this version adds a ton of new and useful features and fixes more than 85 issues, with more than 225 commits over a period of 7 months. There were also a lot of technical changes in the core, including some pretty significant refactoring of several classes to further optimize and improve upon our already solid core, making it that much better. I’m confident this master version is one of our best and if you are running an older version I’d encourage you to upgrade when convenient to do so—I think you will really like what this version brings! Read all about what’s new in the latest blog post: https://processwire.com/blog/posts/pw-3.0.164/

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Love reading those long feature lists for the new master versions! I usually read every week's posts too. But by the time a new master is out, I forget a half of new cool things that were added. So they come as new and bring the joy once again, like finding a banknote in a pocket of pants you didn't wear for while ?

Great release for ProcessWire once again!

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This is great stuff!

Got a question.

Who is maintaining the PW Demo site? It would be nice to have these new features incorporated into the skyscrapers. Also, the demo is still on version *.101 and not using ssl.

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@rick The demo site supports https but doesn't require it. There's no http traffic that needs to be protected by SSL there, so didn't want to force it. The PW version does need to be updated though. The version on there is the last one that I did a full testing for the safety of demo mode, and this takes some time to do, so I don't update the demo site version very often. 

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