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Omit access check in (showif) field dependencies?


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I've access-controlled toggles (Superuser) that should control the visibility of Inputfields (repeater downloads) on the edit-page (modal) to editors.
Is there a way to access the field value of those toggles (downloads_allow) for showif visibility?
i only (rightly so) get the value if the toggle (downloads_allow) is editable by the editor.
Is there a way to omit this just like the page selector "check_access=0".
Maybe it's also possible to extend the "access fields via api even if hidden" option to such dependencies?


Edit Page:
- Tab Permissions
- - Toggle "allow_downloads" (set by Superuser, access-controlled)

- Tab Downloads
- - Downloads Repeater (only visible to Editor if allowed)

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Hi Ivan,

Yes, you're right and I'm doing it like this now but I'm looking for a way to add/remove fields without having to adapt the ready.php.
The available fields will change occasionally.


If one chooses to not access-control the toggles, adrians great RestrictTabView module is an option.

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