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Markus (Blue Tomato)

PHP 7.4 Preloading

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So this is where preloading comes into play: it will not only compile source files to opcodes, but also link related classes, traits and interfaces together. It will then keep this "compiled" blob of runnable code — that is: code usable by the PHP interpreter — in memory.

And from the RFC:


And also, this approach will not be compatible with servers that host multiple applications, or multiple versions of applications - that would have different implementations for certain classes with the same name - if such classes are preloaded from the codebase of one app, it will conflict with loading the different class implementation from the other app(s).

While I'd love to give this a try, this limitation is a dealbreaker for me. All the environments I work with host multiple versions of ProcessWire.

Might be another reason to move to fully containerized environment... 😄

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