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I'm trying to output a long list of pages. If I do this:

$subpages = $pages->get('/shop/products/')->child->children;

the output is limited to 50 items. If I do this:

$subpages = $pages->get('/shop/products/')->child->children('limit=9999');

the output is also limited to 50. But if I enter any number less than 50, then that's how many get displayed. What am I missing?

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Just checking: are you absolutely sure that this method returns only 50 items? Do you have any hooks or modules that could affect this... and are you checking right after, i.e. there's no possibility that the list of items was filtered before you check the number of returned items?

$page->children() should return all the children (according to docs too) 🙂

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I'm outputting the items in an ordered list so that's showing the count for me. The max number it displays is 50.

I've temporarily disabled the site's prepend and append files so the only thing showing on the page now is the output from the selector I posted above.

Are there any config settings either in config.php or in the admin which might restrict the number?

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With your code you’re only getting the children of /shop/products/’s FIRST child. Is that what you expect? If you want all grandchildren of /shop/products/, you could do something like

$products = $pages->find('parent.parent.path=/shop/products/');

(Sorry if that’s not 100%, I just got up lol)

Edited by Jan Romero
added missing “.path” in case someone finds this later
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