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How to tell selection to avoid empty fields


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Hi everyone, 

I'm trying to build an index with all the fields' name that belong to a template, excluding those fields that are empty. 

 foreach ($page->fields->find('limit=3') as $field) {
      <a class="list-item" href="#par-0<?php echo $i;?>" title="<?=$field->name?>"><?=$field->name?></a>
<?php } ?>

Are there ways to do it in the selector?

Thank you 🙂

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6 hours ago, lele_ballack said:

Are there ways to do it in the selector?

No, because you are finding Field objects these are neither empty nor not empty.

Instead you need to check the values of the field names for the current page to see which are empty. Something like this...

$i = 1;
foreach($page->fields as $field) {
	// Limit to 3 non-empty field values
	if($i > 3) break;
	// Check if value is empty
	$value = $page->getFormatted($field->name);
	if($value instanceof WireArray) {
		if(!$value->count) continue;
	} else {
		if(!$value) continue;
	// Do whatever with $field here
	echo "{$field->name}<br>";


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