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Hi everyone, 

Is there a way for us to replicate the "http://mydomain.com/processwire/page/edit/?id=xxx" and change the template to match my site template? 

I'm terribly happy with the admin / backend page edit. It covers literaly everything I want to empower my non super admin user in updating pages such as validation, repeater management, file upload. 

I wish not to allow the users to see the backend for both security and aesthetic reasons. 

Thanks and hope to hear from you soon. 


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Have you looked into using front-end editing? It does list several options on how to implement this via the module.

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Hi @louisstephens!

I have but I feel that because of the double clicking, it may be confusing for the user. By having the proper forms, with clear text boxes, it will be easier for the non techy user. 


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14 hours ago, Pip said:

I wish not to allow the users to see the backend for both security and aesthetic reasons. 

What security concerns do you have? How many users are we talking about?

Aesthetic reasons: You can totally individualize your admin! Looks like you are using uikit for your frontend, so that would be quite simple. I've built a custom admin theme that looks like this:


It's based on one main color that can be changed to whatever you want (as long as it contrasts to white). It's not public (yet?), but if you're interested you could pm me.

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Hi @bernhard My users will be the general public. Meaning, they are not clients, nor probably tech savvy. So need the interface as friendly as possible and to direct their focus only to their listing. 

Actually am not using UI kit on the front. It was just a coincidence. LOL 

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Well, then I think you have two options:

  1. Build a custom user-area on the frontend (like a user-backend on the pw-frontend)
  2. Use the PW backend and customize it as much as possible

Both have pro's and con's depending on the exact situation.

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