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Page Reference Default Value

Most ProcessWire core inputfield types that can be used with a Page Reference field support a "Default value" setting. This module extends support for default values to the following core inputfield types:

  • Page List Select
  • Page List Select Multiple
  • Page Autocomplete (single and multiple)

Seeing as these inputfield types only support the selection of pages a Page List Select / Page List Select Multiple is used for defining the default value instead of the Text / Textarea field used by the core for other inputfield types. This makes defining a default value a bit more user-friendly.

Note that as per the core "Default value" setting, the Page Reference field must be set to "required" in order for the default value to be used.





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I wanted to do something a little different but the code for this module helped me figure out how to achieve it. I had an existing page with a page reference field with a value that I wanted as the default value for the same page reference field when used on another template, ie I wanted to be able to allow admin but non-super users set a default themselves on a site settings page that they could change periodically.

I ended up doing it as a hook in ready.php, but I guess with some more work it could be made into a module. It would need to allow selection of both source template and field, and templates the default should apply to (to avoid circular references of the field to itself).

 * Check for default value and populate when appropriate
$wire->addHookBefore('InputfieldPage::render', function(HookEvent $event) {
		/** @var InputfieldPage $if */
		$if = $event->object;
		$inputfield = $if->getInputfield();
		//$default_value = $this->getDefaultValue($inputfield);
		if (!($if->hasPage->template == 'ProductionRole' && $if->hasField->name == 'pageShow'))
		$default_value = $event->pages->get('name=settings')->pageShow;
		if (!$if->required || !$default_value || !$if->isEmpty())
		$inputfield->value = $default_value;


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