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The right structure for catalogs


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I am slowly feeling my way through processwire and am trying to get an idea how best to structure my pages to make it easy to execute what I'm looking for.

My intention is to create catalogs that can contain multiple items. Those items may appear in multiple catalogs.

I was thinking of creating a tag field in item pages, and have catalog templates publish items that contain the relevant tag. But it appears that fields can only hold a single value. If I create multiple fields to serve the same purpose I assume that being able to determine if an item belongs in a catalog would get significantly more difficult. Is there an elegant solution to this that has already been worked out somewhere? 

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Hi there. 

Trying to visualize what you're trying to do.

From what I see, it may be good to go with Page references. Multiple type. So you can tag them accordingly. 

This way if you add a new catalog category, it will automatically be visible on the auto fill/checkbox. 

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Ottogal, that looks like what I needed, thanks!

Pip, it does look like Page References are what I was looking for. The car example in the tutorial ottogal linked is close to what I'm doing. 

For example if you have a movie that is both in Japanese, and a Horror movie, I want to simply create pages that list it under both Japanese Movies and Horror Movies.

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