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Hi Sunny,

There's nothing built-in but it's all achievable and there are already some examples on the forums. Which I'll try and track down for you.

You can start by extending the built-in "user" template. If you go to templates and then filters->show_system_templates.

Like that you can add images and other things to the built in "user".

You could equally add new members as new pages as well as setting them as a new user, this may be a better way to go long term.

You will need to create front-end forms to allow people to register/edit/login. It is reasonably straight-forward to add new pages from the front-end in PW.

You can find more info here:

Custom logins: http://processwire.c...7-custom-login/

Creating new pages with API: http://processwire.c...-pages-via-api/

Also there's loads of people on here, including me who'd be happy to go through it all with you step-by-step but definitely check out Ryan's Form-Builder module too :)

EDIT: Removed code as Soma's right, it's probably best to go step-by-step and end up with a lot neater code! As Pete says, there'll be people here to help you at each step but once you break it down, it's all very achievable and ten times easier the second time around.

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Welcome Sunny

It really is pretty easy to build these things in ProcessWire as onjegolders says so if you have a go at it based on the examples above and let us know if you get stuck there will almost certainly be someone here to help you out with advice and examples.

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I get shiver seeing this code, no offence onjegolders, but code like this maybe better put on gist or any other code snippet site.

But it's an nice example.

However if you want to dive more into pressing the jus out of PW you might look at some examples building simple forms with API in the front end. I built some front-end tools like this and enjoy it.


Also wanted to mention you'd better of searching with google on processwire.com

"site:processwire.com keyword"

Also here's some thread about user generated content I posted an example of front-end image upload.


And there's actually many ways to archive the thing, so might want to first play around and dive around a little.

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