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Password protection of the front end of a site


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Hello everyone.
I have a "newby"'s question regarding password protecting the front end of on one of my website.

The web site in question is for the members of a small scale non profit organisation. It should not be easily accessed by non members but they don't want to force their members to create a personal user account. From their point of view a simple common password should be enough.

Here is my question : Can I use a newly created user and in the login form only ask for the password (I will feed the username in the code). In this case many users will potentially log with the same user at the same time. Is this approach correct, are there any drawbacks (performance ?)... or is it realy a bad idea 🙂

Otherwise I can just implement a simple password protection function without using the user system (didn't find a module addressing that need).


Thanks for your help


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1 hour ago, antpre said:

Tks Krlos for your answer.
The module you mentioned leverages the PW user system wich is  what I am trying to avoid because I don't want to ask users to create a user account to log in.


You could create a generic user and distribute the access password to everyone.

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Thanks horst and Krlos,

By generic user name you mean using one single user account with a generic name and then distribute the password to every member.

This is what I was trying to explain (the first option in my initial post)... but was not clear enough ! I can do this but I was wondering if having multiple users connected at the same time with the same user account would be problematic. If it can work that way, that's the best for me.

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