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created VM with PW from Bitnami OVA, seems to be "installed", can't log in as admin

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The Minimal Site works fine, but if I try to login as admin, I have no idea what the credentials are.

I did not do the "install" process myself. The OVA came with everything set up, but there's no mention of the PW admin credentials being set to some initial value.

Wondering if anyone else has tried the Bitnami OVA and if there's a simple answer.


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Generally the username and password are shown on the terminal, on top of the shell in the disclaimer at the end of the installation typically giving you the scheme, IP and the credentials.

Try user asย usernameย and bitnamiย as password.


Edit:ย https://docs.bitnami.com/virtual-machine/faq/get-started/find-credentials/


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I've tried that. And many other combos. I did not install PW, so I never saw any info "post-install". It came already installed, inside the OVA package.

When I connect to the VM, I can log in to the prompt using the (changed) user bitnami credentials. But if I open the PW Minimal Site in a browser, and try to log in as admin...

I also posted this question on the bitnami forum. Maybe someone over there has the key.




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mmmh ok, downloading and trying, stay tunedย ๐Ÿง


8 minutes ago, codevark said:

When I connect to the VM, I can log in to the prompt using the (changed) user bitnami credentials.

And what give this command-line ?

sudo cat /home/bitnami/bitnami_credentials

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Nope, you were right -- I just had to re-login to the console, and there it was right there.


Thanks again,



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