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Running data migration from Garmin to ProcessWire


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Very interesting ? 


What’s next? #

I want to put more work into the charts, progressively enhancing them even more. I thought about

  • linking every single bar to the URL of the run it represents,
  • add more info to the user on hover
  • show the min. and max. value of each chart by default, accompanied by the unit of the metric,
  • show a median trend line for every chart, and
  • eventually improving the accessibility of the charts.

Have you thought about using https://www.chartjs.org/ or https://apexcharts.com/ ? (not meant to be a recommendation, it's really just a question why you chose SVG and if you are happy with that and why...) ? 

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Thanks! I wanted to start small and simple. I like that a simple version of the charts also works without any JavaScript.

As I want to also link to specific runs, this seems to be quite cumbersome with ChartJS. Working directly with SVG feels a lot more robust and simpler for me in that regard.

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