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find dynamic cookie name


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You'll have to look through the $_COOKIE superglobal to find the cookie name that matches your format. You can do that with regular array functions. For example:

// just for testing
$_COOKIE['name_xyz'] = 'Test value';
$_COOKIE['name_foo'] = 'Bar';

$cookieNames = array_filter(array_keys($_COOKIE), function ($key) {
	// check if the cookie name starts with "name_"
    return preg_match('/^name_/', $key) === 1;

// -> Array ( [6] => name_xyz [7] => name_foo ) 

// -> Test value

Adjust the preg_match pattern to match the pattern you're looking for. The result will be an array of keys that match your format. Note that this array is NOT zero-indexed, because array_filter doesn't change the keys, hence the use of current to get the first value. Alternatively, use array_values to zero-index the array, or foreach to loop through all matching cookies.

If you dislike the raw use of $_COOKIE, you can also use $input->cookie()->getArray() (docs).

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