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Is There a Textformatter that converts <p> to <br>?


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I’m using mautic, a marketing automation platform to send out my newsletters (so I can do tracking etc). Its newsletter builder is quite a pain to use so I figured what I want to do is create the newsletter in PW and simply paste the html code into mautic. One thing it requires is that all css styling is inline (which I can figure out), but one thing it also requires is that <p> tags are actually <br> Tags. 

I’ve searched through the module library to see if there is a textformatter for this? Anything that jumps to mind?

Thank you for your help.



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// not tested
class TextformatterP2BR extends Textformatter {
	public static function getModuleInfo() {
		return [
			'title' => 'P2BR',
			'version' => '1.0.0',
			'summary' => 'Textformatter that strips all <p> and replaces </p> by <br>',

	public function format(&$str) {
		$str = str_replace("<p>", "", $str);
		$str = str_replace("</p>", "<br>", $str);


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