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Trying to create an input field that process data as text but gets processed as int

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I'm building a fieldtype/inputfield to visually select a grid like Bootstrap since it's the first time coding such thing, I'm basing my code in FieldtypeColorPicker since the base structure is the same, a graphical UI helper to finally output a string as value.

The problem is I try to save the value as something like "1,2,3" referencing the index of each column selected but it gets converted as an int value so "1,2,3" becomes "1" if input random text it gets converted as "0".

Here is the code:


Here's an screenshot of how it looks


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Yes maybe the cache. 

Try to clear the compiled files and your browser cache then refresh the module.



Actually I don't understand how this part works very well

What I did is, downloading your module from Github, installed it, dumped the var with TracyDebugger - which you should install in a hurry - and tada, it seem it worked ??

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