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Processwire on read-only/mysql slave

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Does anyone running processwire over mySql slave server. I'm going to expand my site and load-balance incoming traffic. I know that i can move sql server into single server and connect other host to that server, but i don't want this.

I'm not using sessions and i do not have registered users except editors. Generally i want pw to render page without updating database. Maybe i can use custom configuration and init/ready.php files on slave hosts to bypass updates.

Any idea how to achieve this?

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Maybe a bit OT, but if you do not use sessions, your visits do not alter the database, it looks like you are only serving static html and assets to your regular visitors.
So are you already using ProCache? You know, with it you completely bypass the DB-server and the PHP engine. (?)

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Hi Horst,

I already using ProCache with nginx, but only for static pages like blog posts and articles. I think PW altar database even if you are not log in. For example if page is not found.

The site is sport related with live stats. Initial data is loaded when the page is loaded. Then all changes on events are served via websocket in real time.

Thank you for your answer! I'm going to reorganize the site before it is too late.

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