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Programatically setting selected=selected for Multi Select field


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Hi all,

I have need to dynamically set InputFieldMultiSelect to  selected on page load based on the status of some items within a database table.

However I keep running into issues when trying to do this via InputfieldSelect::setOptionAttributes()


Going by the above it sounds like it should be pretty straight forward, and for certain values it seems to work but not when I wanted to set it to 'selected'.

For example:

$f->setOptionAttributes(1030,['foo' => 'test']);

The above works as I would have wanted, in that it updates the option with the value 1030, to include the attribute foo="test"

But the same code above edited to the following:

$f->setOptionAttributes(1030,['selected' => 'selected']);

Doesn't seem to do anything?

I assume I'm missing something or trying to implement the 'selected' wrongly but I'm not sure how else I should approach this, any advice would be much appreciated.


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It's not possible to set the following attributes via setOptionAttributes() function: value, checked, selected.


If you want to dynamically change a page field value:

$page->selectfield = array(1030,1031);


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