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Hi awesome Processwire folks,

I want to make custom processwire admin views. For example, let's say I wanted to create a top level section in the PW admin for managing videos. And I want to use a data grid (just for examples sake... I would probably design a good layout for this - something effective and easy to use)... I know how to add pages to the admin interface by adding them in the page tree, pretty straight forward.

The problem is, I am really having a hard time understanding the admin.php template and how the ajax call, methods work. To be honest, I have made a few attempts to modify the behaviors etc in this file with little success. I don't quite understand how processes work at all in PW. I read the classes and it can be over my head in some cases.

Does anyone have any suggestions about how I can get my head around this and how I can really start taking advantage of PW to build out some more complex PW admin functionality... any suggestions at all.

Thanks in advance,

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Time to start my DeLorean and steal few modules from Soma again :rolleyes:

I drove a DeLorean once - it was like trying to navigate an aerodynamic bucket.

And yes, Soma does seem to work on an "I will read your mind first and then I will tell you what you are going to think" sort of principle.

He should be writing on the wiki .... (hint)

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I actually saw a DeLorean up close for the first time last week, in Orlando, FL. Drove out of a parking spot right next to me. Was surprised at how good looking the car actually is, and a lot lower to the ground, and not nearly as dated looking as I would have expected.

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