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Ivan Gretsky

Date range selector with potentially undefined boundaries

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I need to show pages with date range publish limitation. I mean each page has date_start and date_end fields, that, if populated, should determine, whether the page is considered "published" today. But none of those fields is mandatory. You can fill one or the other or both.

I have written a selector with OR-groups like this:

$selector = "SOME-CONDITION-HERE, ";
$selector .= "range=(date_start='', date_end=''), ";
$selector .= "range=(date_start='', date_end>=today), ";
$selector .= "range=(date_start<=today, date_end>=today), ";
$selector .= "range=(date_start<=today, date_end='')";

But is seems a little ugly and over-complicated. I thought maybe someone could propose a better solution? If not, let it be a working example of how to deal with this)

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We've been doing basically the same thing but like this:

$selector .= ", has_started=(start_date=''), has_started=(start_date<=today)";
$selector .= ", not_ended=(end_date=''), not_ended=(end_date>today)";

It seems to work ok. I don’t know of an easier way.

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