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[SOLVED] Copying Pages/Images/Files to 2nd PW Domain on Same Server

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You're very welcome, @szabesz! (and thank you!)

This thread started with my how-to questions about image migration. Besides the modules that @adrian and @kongondo mentioned, I didn't find any clear documentation about how to deal with image migration with comprehensive detail (I might have missed finding it). Of course, I read a number of pages about image scripting, but I didn't see info that covered all the bases.

Adrian expressed skepticism about the stability of the module Kongondo mentioned, and Adrian's module didn't fit my specific needs, so I didn't use either of those modules, and decided to proceed with my own script.

But my script didn't deal with cropped images (because I didn't have any), unless they're automatically brought over by the copy command I ran to bring in any image variations. Thus, my script might have missed some important things with images. I'm not sure.

I'd love to see a how-to on this very topic, i.e. a comprehensive write-up of how to migrate images and catch every detail. My efforts were a "roll-your-own" attempt to do it, and it worked for me. But I have no confidence that I covered all the details of image migration.

If I did, I'd love to hear about it. ?



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