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Does anybody want to learn how to develop a Fieldtype/Inputfield in ProcessWire?


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Developing custom fields for ProcessWire is great! And it's easier than many might think once you get the basic concepts. But it's hard to learn those concepts by reading the code and doing some trial and error... 

That's why I think we need a good tutorial about that topic. It took me quite long, but now I feel knowledgeable enough to write such a tutorial. I also have the idea (or the need) for some new fields that might be helpful to the community. What I don't have is time 😄 

So I thought to share the workload and share my knowledge while the development of the module (and testing, writing docs, etc) could be done by someone else under my supervision (hope that does not sound scary 😄 ).

What do you think? I'm happy to hear your opinions - we are in the PUB 😉 

Have a great week and happy coding!

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I'd love to help while learning!

In my personal experience Fieldtype/Inputfield development is like one of the few things of the modular approach of ProcessWire that isn't completely clear to me, so I think a tutorial would be super useful for a lot of people. I'd like to stop abusing RuntimeMarkup some day haha (which is and awesome module of course!)

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@bernhard I am up for it if you can share the knowledge, I can write an article around it as a tutorial since I tend to write tutorials. Ironically this was part of a series I am creating for Processwire, just video editing skills delaying but writing this as a tutorial shouldn't be a problem. Just let me know what you need me to do, I will create time for this. Take care 

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Thx for the interest everybody! I'm in contact with @elabx and @Sephiroth and we will try to build something useful and document the process so that everybody can learn from it. Similar to what ryan planned with the events fieldtype, but step by step, so it's easier to follow 🙂 

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