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Performance on Azure Web Apps


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We're trying to run ProcessWire on an Azure-Setup using the Azure Web-Apps Service with the included MySQL. We used the default template from the marketplace meaning that MySQL is running on the same instance as the webservice.

Beside some PHP settings and problems we finally got the Processwire instance running.  As this was an IIS-server, the `.htaccess` was converted into an `web.config` based on the example that can be found in the forum here. This works fine so far and no errors etc. happen.

The main problem is that the performance of the web application is incredible slow on Azure. Every request ist about 5-10x slower than our previously shared webhosting setup. We do not think that latency is the problem, because the slow-down is not the same everywhere.
We currently can't detect what's the actual bottle neck is. The instance itself is running on a 200ACU + 3,5GB RAM which should be the problem (as any other Node app we have running on lower machines with better performance).

We tried to avoid the Bitnami installer because it would be about 3-4x more expensive to run.

So the main question is, does anyone has experience with performance improvements on Azure (Web Apps) or at least with running Processwire on a Windows host with IIS?

We know that IIS is officially not supported on Processwire but maybe someone has an idea or got it running smoothly.

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