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How to use a page object representing an external link within CKE?


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Sometimes, a task seems to be challenging at first, but the solution turns out to be surprisingly simple.

Fortunately, while working with Processwire, this is a very common situation ?

I hope someone can help me repeating this experience.

I use pages to define external links. So, for every external link there is a page object with a descriptive text (field) and an url (managed by the most valuable VerifiedURL fieldtype).

It is easy to add a page reference field to a template for using these. How to use such references within a CKEditor context, though?

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Thanks guys! ? Great recommendations.

Difficult to judge which would fit best. Basically, I'd like to have a modified "insert/edit link" dialog in CKE which allows to select a page which in turn provides link URL and description text.

Well, I will try these and see what can be achieved...

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