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Local Setup extremely slow since db dump from production server


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Hi folks,

I have a really strange problem and don't know how to solve it or how to find the exact problem.

Since this commit: https://github.com/processwire/processwire/commit/ca8e779402c4911aac2a0ad884cb2ee23f30dd62 my local dev setup based on Docker with PHP 7.4.5 and MySQL 5.7.29 are really slow. It happens on nearly 99% of the request in the Frontend and also on the Admin Panel. The are so slow, that the page runs into timeout after 5 minutes (my local php timeouts are high ? )

But on my stage/production server which is nearly the same setup, database and code works fine.

How can I find out what is happening?

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Hi @Markus (Blue Tomato)

Don't know, but here are a few things to get started on.

  • Is production running the same version of PW or one prior to that commit?
  • Does production connect to MySQL on localhost or via a second IP address?
  • Ditto for your dev box. 

If dev box is connecting to MySQL using "localhost" in your config.php file DB settings, try switching it to "".

Any errors/exceptions in the PW log files or web server log files on your dev box?

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I found now the real issue. It's not the commit above - I don't know why it worked yesterday while testing all the commits.

Yesterday I imported also a new db dump copy from the production server into dev. I make this sometimes.
After importing an older dump into dev it worked again. Something in the new dump makes my dev system running into timeouts...

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