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How to make a simple 'Delete My Account' link for users

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I had a simple 'Delete My Account' link for users in my site that used to work fine, with a function like this:


if ( $input->post->forgetme ) {

	if ( $user->isSuperuser() ) {
	echo 'You should not be here...';

	$items = $pages->find( 'name=' . $user->name );
		foreach($items as $item) {
	$users->delete( $user );


But it no longer works, after upgrades I guess. I get a fatal server error:

cannot be deleted: it is the current page being viewed, try $pages->trash() instead

Or when I use trash(), I get:

Exception: This page (id=XXXX) may not be placed in the trash

That error is thrown in core/PagesTrash.php by a check for isDeleteable(). I can't find info what makes a page 'deleteable' or not.

What is now the recommended way to do this?


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