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PageFileSecure Problem With Protected Folders. Only Superuser now has access.


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Having a problem with PageFileSecure. Everything was working before, but now it seems to be broken.

We have a specific template that creates a protected page with multiple image & document fields. On creation these pages successfully appear with "-" prefix under assets/files.

Registered & Logged In users used to be able to view the pages and download content on them.

Now only the superuser can.

I checked the permission and roles, and all these registered users still have the "login-register" role assigned to them.

I checked the permissions on the "login-register" role and they still have the page-view permissions assigned for the locked page template together with home ( required by default).

It's baffling. the .htaccess has not been touched or modified.

I am running under 3.0.98 but tried on latest and seeing same issue.

I am a bit lost with this one as to why only superuser account can do download and not the logged in as well :-(

Anybody and ideas ?


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