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Page Reference field - unpublished pages showing up in frontend


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Hi! 😄


What? Online art magazine with an "All featured works" and also an "All featured artists" index page, and also individual "Work" and "Artists" pages, and data relations between the different artists and their artworks.

So, I have two different page reference fields, connected by @Robin S's awesome Connect Page Fields module (though that has nothing to do with the issue in fact, Robin's plugin works great! and the issue is the same with or without it).

The two Page Reference type fields are called "works" and "artists". They are meant to simply connect different artists to different artworks.

Work 1  (page)  –> artists (Page Reference field) : Artist A (page)           --->>> (automatically connected)         Artist A (page)  –> works (Page Reference field) : Work 1 (page)
Work 2  (page) –> artists (Page Reference field) Artist B  (page)           --->>> (automatically connected)         Artist B (page)  –> works (Page Reference field) : Work 2 (page)


On both Page Reference fields, both on "artists" and on "works" this option "Allow unpublished pages" is activated:


As it says in the option description, supposedly, unpublished pages should be selectable in the page reference field, but they should not be visible, they shouldn't appear, on the front-end...

To show all works related to the artist on the artist individual page I'm doing this:

foreach($page->works as $item) {      
	echo "<img src='{$item->image->first->width(200)->url}' class='pr-2'><a class='pr-4' href='$item->url'>$item->title</a>";

The problem is now, unexpectedly, if some work is set to "Unpublished", it shows up anyways!


So to get around this I figured out that I can do this:

foreach($page->works as $item) {
	if($item->is(Page::statusUnpublished)) { 
	echo "<img src='{$item->image->first->width(200)->url}' class='pr-2'><a class='pr-4' href='$item->url'>$item->title</a>";   

But ofc this is a rather inelegant "solution" which shouldn't really be necessary, right? 

I might be missing something basic here, but really can't figure out what it is... I hope one of you awesome guys can help me out 😊

Thanks a lot in advance!

All the best,

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15 minutes ago, jonatan said:

The problem is now, unexpectedly, if some work is set to "Unpublished", it shows up anyways!

Just confirming that you are not inadvertently checking this whilst still logged in (as a supersuser)? :-).

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10 minutes ago, kongondo said:

Congratulations! you've found a bug :-).

Yaaaay! Horray! That's my first! 🏆🎉🐞😊

And thanks so much for such instant and helpful reply @kongondo! Still continiusly amazed by this great forum and the amazing people behind the PW community! 


I'll go file it 😊

Take care! And have a great weekend! 

All the best, 


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6 hours ago, uiui said:

Is there a way to bring this buggy behaviour back? 😉

In other words: How can I get a page reference field to return unpublished references for the frontend?

Same as above, inverting the logic:

foreach($page->works as $item) {
	if($item->is(Page::statusUnpublished)) { 
		// do whatever


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My problem is that the page reference field that contains the unpublished pages doesn't return any pages.

$p = $pages->get(1470);
echo count($p->galleries);

This prints 0, although galleries contains one page reference. That seemed to be different in 3.0.132.

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On 8/24/2020 at 12:47 AM, uiui said:

In other words: How can I get a page reference field to return unpublished references for the frontend?

Ryan's comment in the fixed GitHub issue:


But I don't think they should be showing up in the formatted value at all, per your issue report, so I think that's the correct behavior. They should continue appearing in the unformatted front-end value though.

Therefore, to include unpublished pages you must get the unformatted value of the field:

$items = $page->getUnformatted('your_page_reference_field_name');


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