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Multisite: $page->url method


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I configured the CMS multilanguage with a multisite idea. I created template "_site" and the name of the template is the url of the site interested.
This installation is used only as API generator. The problem is that $page->url method returns the url with _site name. 

Now I have this situation
/[language]/[_site name]/example/example...

I would like to have this

Is there a way to rewrite this method? The best solution could be a template type check that exclude the _site name in the result.

This solution should work also when I select a page in CKEditor to set a link.


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Hi @Robin S

I updated my ready.php including this 

wire()->addHookBefore('Page::path', function($event) {
  $page = $event->object;
  if($page->id === 1 || $page->template=="_site") return '/';
  $path = '';
  $parents = $page->parents();
  foreach($parents as $parent) if($parent->id > 1 || $parent->template!="_site") $path .= "/{$parent->name}";
  $event->return = $path . '/' . $page->name . '/';

but nothing different from usual happened... if I tried to log something there's also a Fatal Error

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A couple of issues I can see there.

46 minutes ago, nabo said:

if($page->id === 1 || $page->template=="_site") return '/';

You need to set the $event->return instead of returning a value.

And if you are hooking before and replacing a method with your own code then you need $event->replace = true. See Ryan's example in the topic I linked to.

But in your case a simpler approach could be this (note that this is hooking after because it is modifying the $event->return):

$wire->addHookAfter('Page::path', function(HookEvent $event) {
	$page = $event->object;
	if($page->rootParent->template != '_site') return;
	$event->return = str_replace('/' . $page->rootParent->name, '', $event->return);


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