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How Do I Add Video

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Hi All

I'm very, very new to PW.  Any help you can provide on the issue below that I'm scratching my head on would be greatly appreciated.

I created a separate .php file called test-template in the CPanel.  I successfully then in PW added the template.  I set the URLs to either http: or https: - answered no to whether / required or not.  Allowed the template to be used on all pages; 

For files I selected auto compile; selected text/html for content type.  Disabled the cache.  Added tags, such as amazons3, vimeo, youutbe (without the commas).

Saved everything etc.

Then I created the page and added a YouTube URL to test the settings and now I'm really scratching my head as the video is not showing.

Should there be some type of code added into the CPanel file re fetching URLs etc. please.  (Sorry not a coder).  If so, does anyone have a sample code that would achieve this please.  Because I cannot see a video template in the basic set up for PW.

Many thanks in advance


See here:  https://mymembershipsite.pro/training

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You could install this module:


Enables translation of YouTube or Vimeo URLs to full embed codes, resulting in a viewable video in textarea fields you apply it to. Now with support for responsive videos too.

and probably this one too for more options: 

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What type of field are you using to display the video? Were are you planning to server the videos from? Maybe give us a few screenshot of your template/fields configuration.

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If you are adding video via an "embed code" that you get from a video sharing site like YouTube and such then create a "textarea" field that is not using an ckeditor and has HTML filter on it.
Then just paste the code in that area on the page editor.

You can then output that textarea field as HTML on your site and have the embeded video play.

Or if you are going to serve video from your site with video files you upload yourself, then take a look at the "files" field.

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