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Ckeditor Body text layouts

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Hi friends, I'm working on a blog site that needs diferents layouts in the same page, how do you deal with body text layouts like these?

Using a single CKeditor field? Ckeditor classes?, my editor is not tech oriented.



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Thank you @bernhard I will try RepeaterMatrix, I had the impression that it would be somewhat easier.

I haven't used Wordpress in several years (I'm so happy!), so I don't know what state is the page builder compared to Processwire.

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 @KrlosHere's a great blog post about it by @Michael van Laar



I just very recently, during this week, upon processwireficying my, previously static but now dynamic, Bootstrap based basic personal portfolio site, implemented a homecoocked DIY "page builder" into it: jonatanronsholdt.dk. It equeally to what you want features different customized flexible layouts per portfolio item / post. 


As it's only made for my own use it's not made super "user friendly" (cause too lazy to do so when it's only myself who'll see it ofc) but hey, it's working! 

I think in general the whole idea of more support for flexible layouts is super interesting in terms of PW! Aka pagebuilders. Maybe a future amazing core module hmm?.. PWs own Gutenberg(WP) ? Or maybe it doesn't fit with the PW filosophy of not dictating any part of the frontend markup.... Well I'm just a noob so.. Haha. Would love to see a new philosophical discussion on this "generating dynamic / flexible modular blocks page content using non fixed templates /page builders with column features etc" subject hough maybe featuring some of the PW forum stars such as above @bernhard and all the other amazing PW gurus alike. (CSS tricks different CMSs content blocks article


But mine is built using the PageTable field type. Basically it'd just be more intuitive and prettier, read better ui friendliness for editor, using the payed Pro fields Repeater Matrix 😊 But same basic concept:

Pagesfield: (Image, paragraph , Image, columns, image, image, columns end, paragraph) 

And each "block type" is actually just a page (the PW everything as a page philosophy) with a template which only simply generates the html for the block


<img ... /> <p>... </p> <img ... />

<row> <col><img ... /> <img ... /> </col></row>

<p>... </p>


I'd be more than happy to share my sloppy homebrew with you if it could be of any help. (or you know.. Use Michael's recipe). Though if you're any sort of experienced as a php développer you'll probably come up with something far more pretty than my noob code haha. 


All the best, 



Ps if you go with pagefieldtype (though the profiled repeater matrix is probably way better for editor userfriendliness) I found this useful



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