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CKEditor not visible in Pages


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After mirgration from from a "crappy" server to a new one, the text editor disappeared on the pages. The module and fields are still there and OK, but I cannot see the taskbar on the pages. The DOM inspector tells me that it is set to hidden. If I enable visibility there are some elemets that should not be there… (screenshot attached).

I also switched to inline mode. There I can see the text and the outline, but no taskbar appears when I click on the textfield.

Can I fix this or should I start from zero with a fresh install?


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…meanwhie I installed the site on loacalhost (MAMP) and I have the same problem… further more I realised that the "original" installation (on the "crappy" server) has now the same problem. I do not when this happened. Last week the CKEditor was working well.

Long story… This all happened in CHROME. Just of curiosity I opened the backend in Firefox: CKEditor is there!!!

So far I can work with the page but I don't know what causes this behaviour…

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  • 2 years later...

I had just also this experience. I remembered the last steps i made: i configured some things at the ckeditor.

I undoed all the steps and ckeditor was visible again! So i configured step for step again and found the change that made ckeditor unvisible:

It was the addition of the small tag in the format-dropdown. The original list was:
and i made it to:

and then ckeditor is invisible. Strange. But i'm happy i can edit again…

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