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Repeater inside RepeaterMatrix


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I'm having trouble with a maybe simple code:

I created a repeater (gallery_logos_links) and a repeater matrix (RepeaterMatrix_unternehmen). The repeater (gallery_logos_links) is inside the matrix repeater as a matrix type.

The repeater matrix type is: gallery_logos_links and the image filed from the repeater is single_image.


This my code:

    foreach ($page->RepeaterMatrix_unternehmen as $item) {
      if ($item->type == 'gallery_logos_links') {
      echo "
        {foreach($item->repeater_logos_links as $logo)}
          <img src='{$logo->single_image->url}' alt='{$logo->single_image->description}' width='400'>
        } else if ($item->type == 'some_stuff') {



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Your code can't work because interpolation for double quoted strings allows only variables or some variable expressions (like methods calls or object property access), see the documentation on string parsing. foreach loops are language constructs and can't be used inside strings. For this to work, move your foreach loop outside the echo statement and only echo the actual HTML code. Then it should work:

foreach($item->repeater_logos_links as $logo) {
	echo "<img src='{$logo->single_image->url}' alt='{$logo->single_image->description}' width='400'>";


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