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404 When accessing my admin location


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Hello all,

I have recently installed ProcessWire as I am learning to develop my own personal website.

The installation process was completed, pressed 'Login to Admin' and I am receiving a 404 error.

I am using a GoDaddy Shared Hosting Package with Plesk installed.

Does anyone have any experience with using ProcessWire on a shared hoasting package?

Many Thanks.

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Welcome to the forum! 404 for the admin can be caused by various issues. You can start by

There are just too many possible causes but if you skim through the similar topics, then you will find pointers on how to proceed, debug and what to look for.


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My best guess is that it's an htaccess issue - most likely an AllowOverride setting that isn't letting mod_rewrite kick in as needed. If you're not familiar with these settings in Plesk, it might be best to submit a support ticket.

First thing I would try is to add some gibberish text to the top of the PW root .htaccess file to see if it's being loaded and go from there.

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