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Same page twice in page array (Solved)


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Hi guys, 

just one shor question maybe just for my insight. When we are using PageArray like array of pages, it is possible to have same page in there twice? 

Specific problem - I had created method to generate pedigree of dog with 30 ancestors. It is PageArray and order of pages / dogs is important here to generate fronted output. So, You know dogs are not very monogamic and inside one pedigree it is possible that one male ancestor is there multiple times. So problem is that during generation of this PageArray, when there is second occurence of same page / ancestor, first will disapper. So my question is - is not possible to have same page multiple times in Page Array or should I look for some errors in my code (which I did not find for now) ? 

	// It is not same code, but this is all according to manipulation with pageArray I am using when I am creating PageArray 

	$pedigree = new PageArray(); 


Thank you for your answers. 

Cheers B. 

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